The Cake Ballers

Web Design/Development

The Cake Ballers are a Boise business that specialize in making themed cake balls for special events. They contacted me as their business began growing and they were without a web presence to inform online customers of the Cake Ballers product.

The aim with the site was to acheieve an atmosphere that does not typically go alongside that of a bakery. Instead the Cake Ballers wanted to juxtapose their product with a tough and dark image that would set them appart from simillar buisnesses.

To acheive this edgy image I incorporated darker colors and real-life textures taken from the materials used in the unique packaging of the Cake Ballers product. Along with this I incorporated an easy system for customers to make cakeball orders and a wide range of images of the cakeballs to demonstrate the skill and creativity behind the masterminds of the Cake Ballers.

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